Cookie Policy

  1. What are cookies?

    Cookies enable us to customize and personalize your experience on the Augustus Games website and “Collegiate” game. Essentially, a cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a web server and is stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies are not spyware or adware, and can’t deliver viruses or run programs on your computer.

  2. How do we use cookies?

    We use cookies for several purposes in connection with the operation of our site, including:

    • to allow you to save certain login info, so that you can stay signed in and do not have to re-enter it every time you visit our website in order to play our games, make purchases, and for other purposes. In providing you with this service, we use cookies.
    • to enable our third party payment processors to operate on the site, process your payments securely, and credit your account with any purchases you’ve made.
  3. Do you have choices about cookies?

    Yes, you have several choices with respect to cookies. You can modify your browser preferences to accept all cookies, to notify you when a cookie is set, or to reject all cookies.

    However, if you choose to reject all cookies, you may not be able to use all of our services.

    Please note that you may not opt out of cookies that are strictly necessary for the Augustus Games website to function.

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